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Auto Macro Recorder

Macro recorder - record what work and create a replayable script.


"Macro recorder - record what work and create a replayable script."
indir.biz Editor: Auto Macro Recorder to record an easy run to you or with the mouse or keyboard typing on the computer, use the macro program.

automatically records all transactions from a command file can be saved and hand the script and it may change again.

It's easy! Just Record - Save - Replay 3 steps.Do not, any program must have experience.

Record all transactions, even the macro does not support the applications.

It can automatically repeat many times what to do or test so you do not have looked at the computer. If you're a programer, you need it.

Support Timer / Debug Mode / Command Line / Repeat many many times / show repeat status / scripts many / judge if window var / judge if file does not exist / e-mail using / If you use Explorer / Replay speed adjustment / Remote Control / Network / Network games Random entry for / Now support DirectX game and DOS program you can free download Auto Macro Recorder 5.3 now.

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